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Facebook Enhances Messenger Kids with New Features

We live in the era of streaming and social media, with millions of users accessing platforms of this type each day. Social media platforms have thrived as users embraced smartphones, which offered the ability to enjoy the perk of the internet while on the go. In recent years many companies have started to work on dedicated smartphones for children. They are a reliable alternative for parents who do not wish to spend a significant amount of money on devices that can be damaged quite easily by their enthusiastic users.

Several developers have also created special versions of their popular apps that have been designed from the ground up to be used by children without exposing them to risks or content that could be unsuitable for their age.

Facebook has released a new version of the Messenger Kids app, and new changes will allow parents to learn more about the way in which children interact with the app. The new features can be accessed via the Parent Dashboard integrated within the regular Facebook apps.

Facebook Brings New Features to Messenger Kids

Parents will have the option to check the contacts that interact with their children if the video call feature is used and a list of blocked contacts. There is also the ability to check the images that have been sent and received via the app, and content can be removed or reported with a few taps.

Another exciting change will allow parents to download the information of the account, similar to the feature which is available via the Facebook App. Children will gain the ability to unlock contacts by themselves if they wish, and conversations with blocked contacts are stored on the account.

Messenger Kids was released in 2017 and marketed as a safer alternative for parents who wish to allow children to use the popular social media platform. Facebook has also underlined the fact that data collected by the app is not shared with third-party partners or used for advertising.


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