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Facebook and third-party AR creators will join forces

Facebook has opened the door for augmented reality effects creators. Third-party AR creators will be able to share their work on the world spread platform, according to the Facebook Connect conference today. Their work will be available on both Messenger and Portal. Facebook has an AR program, called Spark AR; however, it was limited to its own creators until today. We will soon find out more official details.

The company’s recent event also includes an update number on Spark AR usage. The number of AR creators has increased over time, reaching up to more than 400,000. It’s incredible to see creators from 190 countries sharing their AR effects on Facebook and Instagram platforms.

So far, they have published more than a million AR creations. Just in the prior three months, over 150 accounts enjoyed over a billion views on Instagram for their AR effects. This means a lot for creators, but also to Facebook since the company took Spark AR out of beta last August.

During the Connect event, the company reminded the public that brands are using the AR effects in ads to sell their products. That means the user can try things on virtually before purchasing them. As you may already be aware, Facebook wants to bring the same tech to Instagram Checkout, Facebook, and Instagram shops. This way, the user can purchase items from within the apps. Well, the company took its time to restate their commitment.

It’s strange but at the same time, interesting to see all this new tech, ‘exploding.’ Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is a big enthusiast of the AR tech and promotes it. He believes this tech is beneficial for employees as well since they can work from home. The company is also working on AR glasses, which are due for in 2021. It seems like the AR playing is the future of gaming.


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