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Facebook Update is Available – Gaming App Also Launched for Android

Facebook has long been the most popular social media platform on the globe. Now, after months of testing and an official announcement, the app’s dedicated Games app is live on Android.

Coming a few months before its planned June launch, the company has pushed the service two months prior to the scheduled release even though we’re still amid a global pandemic. This, however, is a great strategy as people isolated at home can now use the new app as an entertainment option. The addition comes as the latest build for the software, Facebook update, has also rolled out.

A New Gaming App

The New York Times has revealed the upcoming release in an exclusive article this weekend, mentioning the fact that Facebook’s gigantic gaming investment has peaked in over 700 million of the website’s 2.5 billion users that are actively playing games via the platform on a monthly basis.

The release of a dedicated app is a definite step for content that has been the domain of the platform’s Gaming tab until now. The focus for the application is obviously social engagement; it will receive an iOS version as well, at some point in the following months.

“It’s entertainment that’s not just a form of passive consumption but entertainment that is interactive and brings people together,” the app’s head Fidji Simo told The New York Times, later adding that “We’re seeing a big rise in gaming during the quarantine.”

The app’s release comes after more than a year of testing on different markets, such as Latin America and Southeast Asia. Gaming is being rolled out with no ad support, but the company has noted in the exclusive published by the paper that it intends to monetize by taking the commission off of ‘stars,’ which are donations that viewers send to the content creators.

Facebook Update

The latest build for the app, Facebook update, comes with the usual bug fixes and overall improvements in performance.


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