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Exclusive Title on Sony’s Platform to be Available on Other Hardware as well

​Although the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are scheduled to appear later this year, there is still a large amount of money Microsoft and Sony are making from the current generation of consoles.

The PS4 and Xbox One age has been a definite win for Sony as the PlayStation 4 sold more units, its exclusive titles have been evaluated higher, third-party sales have been doing incredibly well on the platform, and even involvement with its next-generation console has been higher for the tech giant than it was for Microsoft.

As we slowly approach a new era of next-gen consoles, numerous players are hoping to see Microsoft retract a bit, and the power of the Xbox Series X could have it take place. At the moment, Microsoft​ is doing everything it possibly can to demonstrate that it is considering all the reviews,

As such, it appears that Microsoft​ has managed to steal a Sony-funded exclusive title in an unusual move that sees the Xbox roster of titles expand again. Towards the end of 2019, it was announced that the widely renowned MLB franchise would be available on other consoles in the future. While Xbox and Nintendo were not noted, both giants’ social media accounts retweeted the post.

Sony-Funded Game to Gets on Other Hardware

The game had earlier only been accessible on PlayStation platforms, being a Sony exclusive, with Sony’s SIE San Diego Studio continuously developing the game for several years. IT now seems that a new licensing deal has made PlayStation take the IP to other platforms.

According to Sony and Major League Baseball, titles with the MLB branding will be accessible on other platforms by next year.

“Major League Baseball (MLB), the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) and San Diego Studio jointly announced today that they have entered into multi-year extensions to continue development and distribution of MLB The Show, the award-winning officially licensed video game,” a press release from the Major League Baseball said.

“In addition, the historic expansion of the long-standing partnerships will bring MLB The Show, for the first time ever, to additional console platforms beyond PlayStation platforms as early as 2021. Complete details will be announced at a later date.”

The new deal is not due to begin until next year, so fans will see more Sony exclusive MLB The Show title between now and then.


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