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Epic Games calls on players to ‘fight back’, as Apple threatens to cut them out of App Store

Just a few days ago, famous American video game and software developer company, Epic Games, announced that Apple threatened them to revoke its developer account. This means that Epic Games will not be able to make apps for Apple’s App Store, which represents the only way iPhone users can install applications on their devices.

In recent weeks, these two giants have had some problems. One of the biggest things that happened was that Epic Games, which is the company that created a very popular video game, Fortnite, released a direct payment solution inside the game itself. As a result of this, they have bypassed the payment system of the App Store, which is very important for Apple since they take 30 percent of the payments.

As a result of this, Apple decided to remove Fortnite from the App Store, claiming that Epic Games have violated the rules of using the App Store. This was followed by Epic Games suing Apple for attempting to force the company to change the business particle that it has.

This is not the first time Apple had such problems with developers, in recent month, many companies came forward claiming that Apple tried to get in the way of their operation in one way or another.

What happens around Apple?

Apple has always been very strict with the policies that it follows. The company is known to follow every single guideline very closely that they have adopted over the years. As a result of this, Apple has created this image of itself that the company is actually against the gaming industry in general. Lately, there have been some odd choices, concerning many fields of gaming, and especially the gambling market.

Recently, they have banned every non-native application, asking everybody to move from HTML5. As a result of these actions, many gamblers who own iPhone have lost access to brand new online casino games, which was followed by huge protests from both, gambling companies and players.

However, according to Apple, every single step that they are taking is created so that they can satisfy the safety needs of their users, and they do not want to do something that might create a dangerous environment for gamers. Because of the steps taken by Apple, however, everything looks very confusing and it is very hard to understand what can happen in the future.

What is the situation between Epic Games and Apple?

According to the statement made by Epic Games on Monday, Apple gave the company time until August 28 before removing the developer accounts of the game makers. This will end up making it impossible for Epic Games to publish new games or updates on its current apps, as of now, Epic Games only has one game on the US version of the App Store, Battle Breakers.

However, Epic Games is best known for being the maker of Unreal Engine, which is a number of games used to integrate realistic graphics and physics. According to the company, Apple’s threat could end up being very problematic for the company.

The company also said that Apple is trying to attack Epic Games’ entire business, even in areas that are not released to the situation at all. In addition, Epic Games also called on the players and their users to fight against Apple and join Epic Games in this fight.

However, Apple is not the only one that is being sued by Epic Games. The company also sued Google last week for pretty much the same reason. According to Apple, on the other hand, their intention is not to terminate the account of the company, but they won’t make any exceptions for Epic Games.

According to Apple, everything can be resolved very easily, if Epic Games submit an update following the guidelines that are in place by Apple.

As the representatives of Apple say, they are doing their best to keep their customers safe and satisfied, and they will not change their policies that are created to safeguard their users for any of the companies on the market.

Also, according to Apple, it is not fair to give Epic Games special exceptions when there are many companies who strictly follow the regulations and guidelines of Apple.


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