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Enable Dark Mode on Firefox By Using Those Methods

Numerous apps and platforms have released the dark mode feature in order to offer users a more comfortable experience. Firefox, in particular, had not released this widely used feature for cosmetic reasons, as most browsers did.

It is rather an attempt to help users navigate the search engine in a comfortable manner in case they use it a lot, or during night time.

Enable Dark Mode Through In-Built Customisation

Most recent device software, such as Windows 10, have become more inflexible when it comes to user customization options. As a matter of fact, this particular software regularly changes the device settings in an automatic manner, depending on their monitored instructions, such as time and lighting level, which is great.

Firefox is usually not affected by changes in the device configurations, and it does not follow the general mode of the device is functions on. The browser can be adjusted by following those steps that activate dark mode, which is a built-in feature.

• Launch Firefox and click on the three-lined menu to reveal the browser’s settings
• Navigate to the lower end to find the ‘Customize’ option
• Click on it and next, select ‘Theme,’ and tap on the dark one that appears along with two other variants
• The browser will automatically change to the selected theme; tap on ‘Enable’ option to apply the changes

Enable Dark Mode Through Add-Ons

Firefox comes with the useful dark mode pre-installed, but add-ons might be a great addition to the platform. Add-ons can be incredibly useful when the built-in dark mode isn’t working as you’d like it to, but additional and improved themes can offer a more desirable dark mode feature. Follow those steps to enable the dark mode from add-ons.

• Launch Firefox and open the settings menu
• Head to the ‘Add-ons’ option, and select the ‘Customization’ tab, or the paintbrush icon
• The browser will launch its source website from which you can get a new dark mode version
• Install it on the browser to enable it into effect

These two methods should help you enable the dark mode feature on the Firefox browser.


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