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Elder Scrolls Online: The Next Expansion Has Big Plans For Players

The Elder Scrolls Online’s next expansion called Greymoor seems to be digging into Tamriel’s history is various ways. It’s been revealed by PCGamer that the MMORPG is headed to the western territories of Skyrim a thousand years before the events that take place in the Elder Scrolls V.

Indiana Jones in Tamriel

Players will get the chance to join a new guild that Zenimax referred to during its reveal as “Indiana Jones in Tamriel.”

The Antiquarian Guild will be sending players all over the continent in order to discover various artifacts and dodge local enemies.

Gamers will be more like Indy’s enemies, and they will be keeping the unearthed treasures with the guild’s blessing instead of declaring that they belong in a museum, as PCgamer puts it.

Players are in love with exploration 

Before this antiquities system took form, it’s been revealed that the ESO’s creative director Rich Lamber said that the team has been searching for a back of the box feature.

“Players consistently tell us they love exploration,” Lambert tells PCGamer’s Lauren Morton during their interview. “They consistently tell us they love the lore.”

Zenimax desired a new system that could encourage both. “In ESO we have lots of questing, and it’s great. There’s lots of killing in ESO as well, and it’s fun. But we needed another alternate activity,” he said.

We recommend that you check out the complete article of PCGamer because it reveals exciting news.

Last month, The Elder Scrolls VI made headlines in relation to all kinds of new rumors regarding the release date of the much-awaited game and more.

The Elder Scrolls is Bethesda Softworks’ creation, which has sold over 58 million copies all over the world. It is an action video game where gamers get to choose which character they would like to be.


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