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Elder Scrolls Online: Creative Director Addresses Recent Performance Issues

Elder Scrolls has various fans around the world, and diehard enthusiasts will be interested in the next piece of news.

If you’re an Elder Scrolls fan, then you definitely know that almost eight years have passed since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released, and you are probably also aware of the fact that it managed to receive praise from players and reviewers as well.

The renowned title was released across an extended number of platforms, and a lot of gamers believe that Bethesda can deliver a worthy sequel or a new entry in the series.

Creative Director speaks about the performance troubles 

Elder Scrolls Online Creative Director decided to speak publicly and apologize for the recent performance problems.

Forbes writes that when the Dragonhold DLC was first launched back in October in Elder Scrolls Online, it came with a completely revamped Activity Finder.

The old Activity Finder interface was quite outdated, and it was also difficult to maintain on the backend.

These reasons led to the decision that it definitely needs improvements. The timing lined up perfectly with the expected performance enhancements that have been planned in roder to get this game running smoother for players.

But this is not what happened. Even if the new Activity Finder with bots and in the PTS (Public Test Server) with some actual live players, it seems that it was not able to handle the load of the live launch, reveals Forbes.

This issue even has a dedicated entry on the ESO Support site.

Rich Lambert, the Creative Director on Elder Scrolls Online, said that the new Activity Finder “shares many of the same system resources as the rest of the game.” He wrote this on the official ESO forums.

He continued and said: “It’s been a challenge for us to identify and fix these issues as each time we go through a cycle of overload, we fix that particular problem, but then discover a new one as new concurrency levels are hit.”

Head over to the official forums in order to learn more.


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