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Elder Scrolls 6: Updates And Latest News On The Release Date

The Elder Scrolls’ popularity reached really high levels, and it’s no wonder that gamers cannot wait for the update. Tons of rumors about it are flooding the Internet these days, and certainty is really hard to find regarding this subject.

A while ago, it’s been reported that Elder Scrolls 6 fans are eagerly awaiting a release date for the game.

There have been various Bethesda comments and job postings that seemed to suggest the fact that the follow-up to Skyrim, aka The Elder Scroll 6, could be preparing to enter full production at Bethesda Game Studios. The best thing is that this could happen sooner than previously believed.

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The game’s director Todd Haward promised gamers that the long wait will be worth it and will result in fantastic playing experience.

The new job listings at Bethesda were spotted by a Reddit user and these include a Vide Edfotr at Bethesda – this led to rumors that the work on Starfield might be almost over. This would pave the way for the release of the Elder Scrolls 6.

News.Otakukart brings confirmation and notes: “it is confirmed that Skyrim Grandma will be coming to the Elder Scrolls 6 as an NPC. We know Skyrim Grandma as the YouTube star and Skyrim player Shirley Curry.”

It’s been also revealed that the latest version of the Elder Scrolls will come with augmented reality to keep the gaming company high placed in the competition.

The latest version of the game will also come with a new story, and the creators decided to format the virtual environment in such a way in which the player will be left more things open to see, according to the same online publication mentioned above.

And last but not least, regarding the release date, the Elder Scrolls 6 launch will depend on the PS5 or Xbox Project Scarlett – it could be somewhere around late 2020 or early 2021.


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