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Easy Guide for How to Activate Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome

Whether we like it or not, Adobe Flash Player is still highly popular as it helps a lot with the display of multimedia content within browsers. The company developing it has announced that 2020 will be the last year when we’ll get to enjoy the benefits offered by the service.

But until the shutdown, nobody denies the utility of the software. Furthermore, we can still delight our eyes with Flash content on Google Chrome, even though the famous browser stopped supporting Adobe’s software. But let’s see the exact steps for how to activate Adobe Flash in Google Chrome, as the process is not hard at all:

  1. Start Google Chrome and go to a website where there’s a program or game that requires Adobe Flash to run. A prompt will show up inviting you to activate Flash. Furthermore, it will also give you a link towards the Adobe Flash Player website.
  2. There’s a lock symbol present on the left of the URL bar. By clicking on this symbol and going to ‘Site Settings’, a new tab will open up containing options for controlling what is and isn’t activated on the website you just visited.
  3. An option for Flash will emerge, and you’ll just have to click on the drop down beside it named ‘Block(Default)’ and then select ‘Allow’.
  4. Back to the webpage which has the game or app you’re trying to run, you will be announced that settings have been changed and that the page needs a reload. Obviously, you just have to refresh the page and that’s it, you’re done. Flash should be activated for Google Chrome.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of alternatives for Flash that will be there waiting for us as soon as Adobe’s service is shut down for good. HTML5 is among the best candidates.


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