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EA Hints To Some ‘Exciting’ Remasters Coming Soon

Mass Impact fans were recently given lots of hope by the publisher, renown gaming studio EA. The company hinted that it intends to release some, – and we cite – ‘exciting remasters of fan favourites.’

The company’s financial results are good enough that the company has been willing to offer some atypically direct hints about its future plans. The releases will allegedly take place in the following 12 months. This means only one thing for fans: that their beloved Mass Impact Trilogy will come alive again to nail some more goals.

In the company’s latest earnings report, Daniel Ahmad, a reputable industry analyst working with EA, stated that it intends on launching several remasters before its subsequent fiscal year ends in March 2021.

The statement was posted on Daniel Ahmad’s Twitter page:

Mass Impact is the alleged candidate for the remastering project. Even so, fans would also love if other renown games such as Dead Space or Lifeless Area would be remastered for the next-generation consoles if such a project was to release in late 2020.

The return of one of these games has a high probability as EA also confirmed there will be no Battlefield 6 the following year. Since the company’s usual launches only include yearly sports games and the almost evenly recurrent Battlefield, EA doesn’t regularly consider remasters. However, it appears that the already announced Command & Conquer is not a one-time game.

Anything else is rather hard to guess at, but Burnout or Need For Speed could also be among the possible choices, along with the original Mirror’s Edge, SSX, Skate, and a Dragon Age title.

Other possibilities could also include Battlefield: Bad Company 1 or 2, more so, as fan hypothesis imply Bad Company 3 is the next game in the franchise. Irrelevant on when the next Battlefield is scheduled for, it won’t launch until EA’s 2022 financial year. This means it will be released somewhere between April 2021 and March 2022.


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