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Dune! 4.9.0 Update Comes With Bug Fixes and Improvements

​Dune!​ is a family-friendly casual mobile game created by Voodoo gaming studio. It comes with clean visuals, is extremely simple, and has an incredible ability to keep you hooked that makes it worth checking out.

The game offers a general tutorial of the whole app, which is actually a single screen filled with the control instructions. In order to accelerate, you have to press the screen, to get air, release it when you get to the end of the ramp, and hold again while in the air to land back on the ground.

​Dune!​’s Gameplay

The game has you launch a ball or icon using speed and timing, making it get above the line on the display. Every time you get above that line, you receive one point: the aim is to get as many points as possible.

The match ends when you crash hard, which means you either manually land in the front face of a hill, or you collapse on the front face while in turbo mode. However, once you crash, you get to simply start the game again.

There are a few methods to get more points: the first is managing smooth landings on the backside. This mostly happens when you time your dives correctly, and it can offer you a 2x or 4x multiplayer on the next time above the line.

A second way to earn more points is to get really high up to the Moon. Every time you get that high, you get four points, and when you get over the Moon, you earn eight more points.

Those methods, however, makes it harder to land without crashing, so you need to develop some skills in order to get it all done perfectly.

Dune! 4.9.0 Update

The latest release for the game, Dune! 4.9.0 update is coming with the usual bug fixes and stability improvements. The app receives regular updates, which is great as it keeps being fresh and exciting.


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