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DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser 5.38.0 Update is Available to Download

DuckDuckGo​, despite its unusual name, does a great at protecting you while you browse the Internet. With this platform, you get to enjoy the privacy you deserve online, along with total control over your data.

Privacy Simplified With DuckDuckGo​

The app offers the privacy basis you need to perfectly take control over your personal information as you navigate and search the web. Here are some of the most important features that DuckDuckGo​ packs.


  • Escape Advertising Tracker Networks — The app’s Privacy Protection will restrict all the third-party trackers it gets, letting you know who the major advertising networks trackers are so you can know who is on your steps
  • Increase Encryption Protection — The web browser forces sites to utilize an encrypted connection when accessible, protecting your information, such as your IPs.
  • Search Privately — You get to share the most confidential information with the search engine, such as the financial, medical, or political views, and no one will ever know. What you search is strictly your business, and that is the reason why DuckDuckGo​ never tracks you.
  • Decode Privacy Policies — The web browser has a partnership with Terms of Service Didn’t Read to incorporate their scores and categorizations of website terms and service as well as privacy policies.


As you navigate the Internet, DuckDuckGo​ Privacy Browser displays a Privacy Grade rating when entering a site, from A to F. The rating allows you to see the level of protection you are benefiting from, dig into information to see who is always tracking you, and understand the way the developers of DuckDuckGo​ have improved the underlying site’s privacy efforts.

The Privacy Grade is marked automatically, based on the frequency of hidden tracking networks, encryption access, and website privacy actions. Moreover, the app offers basic browser functionality, such as tabs, bookmarks, and autocomplete.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser 5.38.0 Update

The web browser receives regular updates that mostly address existing bugs and improves the platform’s overall performance. The latest release, DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser 5.38.0 update, also comes with bug fixes and other improvements.​


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