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DuckDuckGo 5.52.5 Update is Available With Bug Fixes and Improvements

In the last few years, privacy has become one of the most important issues for all Internet users, more so after the high-profile uproar Facebook has caused after it allowed Cambridge Analytica to use private information of its users for political – and not only – purposes.

Most companies that offer a service nowadays are trying to track everyone in order to enhance their profits by bombarding users with aggressive and targeted ads.

However, there is a browser that doesn’t track its users, doesn’t store private information, and keeps you safe while navigating the Internet: DuckDuckGo. The developers of this search engine argue that the Internet should be a safer place for everyone, where users should not be practically hunted by marketing and tracking companies, or have all their important data at the mercy of giants that are not seeking to do good.

Highlight Features

Unlike most browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and more, DuckDuckGo offers a dedicated web browsing application that emphasizes the privacy and security of the user. The app was developed from the ground in order to provide a large collection of powerful tools that can be employed by users to enhance their overall browsing experience.

A highlight feature is the capability to dodge ad-tracking networks. Helped by a very powerful protection system, the app blocks all third-party tracking services and also shows you in a dedicated section the companies that tried to monitor every move you make online.

Encryption is an incredibly important function that keeps data safe between two devices and protects it against the malicious interests of other entities. DuckDuckGo imposes mandatory use of an encrypted connection everywhere it is possible, enhancing the overall security level of the devices from which it is used, keeping every activity secure.

DuckDuckGo 5.52.5 Update

The developers keep enhancing the browser with regular updates, making it safer and more exciting to use. The last release, DuckDuckGo 5.52.5 update, comes with some bug fixes and overall improvements.


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