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DuckDuckGo 5.43.0 Update Comes With Overall Improvements

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that highlights the protection of users’ privacy and avoids the filter bubble and personalized search results. The browser sets apart from all the other search engines because it doesn’t profile its users and shows all of them the same search results for a particular search term.

The app provides the privacy essentials people need to smoothly take control of their personal data as they search the Internet and browse the web, irrelevant on the users’ location and searches.

DuckDuckGo’s Most Interesting Features

• Escape Advertising Tracker Networks – The browser’s Privacy Protection restricts all the concealed third-party trackers they can find, revealing the main advertising networks tracking users over time, so they can track who’s trying to track them.
• Enhanced Encryption Protection – DuckDuckGo forces websites to utilize an encrypted connection when accessible, which protects users’ information from those who try to spy, such as ISPs.
• Search Privately – Users are enabled to share their most personal data with the search engine, such as the financial, medical, and political curiosities. What they search is never tracked.
• Decode Privacy Policies – The browser has partnered with Terms of Service Didn’t Read in order to bring their scores and labels of website terms of service as well as privacy policies where accessible.

As users search and navigate the Internet, the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser depicts a Privacy Grade rating when visiting a page, A-F. This rating shows users how protected they are in a second, analyze details to see who they caught trying to track the user, and so on. The Privacy Grade is labeled in an automatic manner, based on the frequency of hidden tracker networks, encryption access, as well as website privacy practices.

DuckDuckGo offers the standard browsing option, including tabs, bookmarks, and autocomplete features.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser 5.43.0 Update

The browser receives regular updates that help it provide users a smooth, enjoyable, and always private browsing experience. The latest release, DuckDuckGo 5.43.0 update, comes with some bug fixes and numerous other enhancements.


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