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Dramatic Change to New iPhone 12 Model

So far, we know a lot about the impressive range of Apple’s iPhone 12, such as the new design and game-changing new upgrades. Apple has now confirmed our suspicions that iPhone 12 is going to be a huge launch, since they have confirmed no less than nine new iPhone 12 models.

MySmartPrice, which is as vigilant as ever, has spotted the fact that Apple has publicly filed the official model numbers for the upcoming iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Max, and iPhone 12 Pro Max in their Eurasian database, which is an official regulatory body. The numbers that these new models will be bearing are A2341, A2176, A2399, A2172, A2342, A2408, A2407, and A2411. These all identify four clear product lines and one, yet unknown, mystery model.

On June 13, with the iPhone 12 line-up made official, Apple is entirely ready to raise production numbers. Citing sources from the industry, the well-known Chinese newspaper DigiTimes has reported that Apple has finished the designs and the features of the new iPhones. Mass production is thus scheduled to start in July. In theory, this should put Apple on track to release all the iPhone 12 models in September, as they usually do.

There is still some conflict about this, as acclaimed insiders from the industry, John Prosser and Ming-Chi Kuo, say that the iPhone 12 Pro and even the iPhone 12 Pro Max could actually be released in late October, or as late as early November. Regardless, given the historic disruption that occurred this year, the fact that Apple remains approximately on schedule when producing the biggest selling smartphones out there on the planet is an achievement. This shows that Apple, as a company, is a believer in operational excellence and a company that does its best to keep its promises toward their customers. Well, let us hope that these new models are worth the wait.


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