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Dr. Mario World 1.3.5 Update Rolled Out With Performance Improvements

Many gamers are familiar with Nintendo, as the iconic company has been releasing excellent consoles and games for several decades. In recent years Nintendo has started to release mobile games that feature some of its most popular characters. As the name may infer, Dr. Mario stars the beloved Italian plumber and other recognizable faces from the Mario universe. Dr. Mario World has received a constant stream of updates that have enhanced the user experience and brought new features.

About Dr. Mario World

Join Dr. Mario in an immersive match-three experience as you remove viruses by matching them with colored pills. A strange virus has spread, but Dr. Mario and his friends are hard at work on the task to remove them. Left-over viruses can be removed with the help of half-capsule that can be quite handy when difficult viruses are present.

Pay attention to the each virus as only a limited number of moves is available. Harness the unique skills possessed by Dr. Mario and his friends to remove daunting viruses in no time.

Dr. Mario is joined by several friends on this adventure, as beloved characters have taken a lab coat and are ready to shower the viruses with capsules. Dr. Peach, Dr. Bowser, and several assistants among which we can count Goomba, Koopa, Troopa, and others are ready to lend a hand and offer access to additional skills.

Dr. Mario World Update Brings Performance Enhancements

Since each doctor and assistant has access to specific skills, players should try all of them and find a team that suits their preferred game style. Hundreds of levels await curious players as they will roam new and fascinating worlds. Interact with friends sharing hearts that give stamina in the stage mode and showcase your skills on leaderboards. Engage in the versus mode by challenging other players to a duel without hearts.

The Dr. Mario World 1.3.5 update introduces new performance improvements. The new version is already available to download from the Google Play Store.


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