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DOTA 2 Welcomes Two New Heroes: What Can Void and Snapfire Do

The new DOTA 2 update is here, and the Outlanders patch note will bring significant changes for the gamers. DOTA 2 is now ready for the release of two new heroes, and there are also many tweaks made to Couriers.

The studio, Valve, confirmed that every player will have now their own courier automatically and that Couriers will gain levels when their hero increases levels. This actually means that you can rely on them to help you with your movement speed, with your gold for every minute and your health. The two new heroes who are confirmed today are Snapfire, with its many many bullets, and Void Spirit, who goes to the Spirit crew.

DOTA 2 Welcomes Two New Heroes

About Void

Void can stand sentinel in a small area. It peers in a single direction, and he’s waiting to damage the enemies that cross him.
He will also temporarily fade into the aether, and he creates some portals from where he can reassemble himself and cause damage to the enemies in the area where he reappears.

He can wrap himself in a shield that absorbs physical damage and emits only one damaging pulse around him. The shield then gets increased damage absorption for every hero that gets hit by the pulse. He also consumes a charge to go through reality into the astral plane, a thing that damages all the enemies along the rift path. The void detonates for significant damage.

About Snapfire

She can unload with a full blast from her scattergun, which damages and can also slow enemies. It’s handy on every occasion. She feeds a cookie to Mortimer or to an ally, which makes them hop a short distance. These hops damage enemies found in the landing zone.

She is also able to unleash a volley or a fixed-damage attack with her battle cannons, and she’s gaining rapid-fire and bonus attacks while she’s slowing the other attackers in DOTA 2.


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