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DOTA 2: Tier 2 Neutral Items Explained

DOTA 2 has become more exciting with the neutral item drops. These items appear after a 15 to 25-minute mark in Tier 2 of the game.

We should also note that the items from Tier 1 of DOTA 2 are still prone to drop even after the Tier 2 drop timeframe started. In comparison to the items found in Tier 1, the second tier offers more when it comes to their passive and active abilities. We will briefly explain 11 neutral items of tier 2, and note their usage.

1. Clumsy Net

​Clumsy Net​ packs both active and passive capacities. The item comes with +6 All Stats, which means +6 Strength, +6 Intelligence, + Agility, as well as +2 Mana Regeneration. These are some amazing passive capabilities to have at the 15-25 minute mark.

The net roots the opponents upon casting, but a big drawback of this item is the fact that it also roots the caster together with the enemy. All heroes can utilize this item, but squishy core characters will rather have a difficult time using the item’s active abilities and should be mindful of it. It is mostly perfect for support heroes who receive a bonus disable and some amazing stats.

2. Dragon Scale

This item is a passive one and comes with +5 Health Regeneration and +5 Armor. Dragon Scale manages a damage burn of 12 per second for three whole seconds as well. The damage burn doesn’t pile up but refreshes with each attack, and it also impacts buildings.

Dragon Scale can be used by all heroes, but it is more than perfect for those with low Armor and HP regeneration. 

3. Essence Ring

Essence Ring offers +6 Intelligence and +2.5 Mana Regeneration in a passive way. The item also comes with +425 Health for 15 seconds when you cast it for yourself. Essence ring is perfect for intelligence heroes as it packs Intel stars, which enhances the damage outcome for all characters. It also features HP regeneration, which is the thing most Intelligence heroes typically do not have. Essence Ring can also be used as a Fiery fire and is able to change fights around.

4. Grove Bow

Grove Bow comes with +10 Attack Speed and +100 Attack Range. The item is able to decrease the magic resistance of the opponent by 12 percent with every right-click. It is ideal for ranged core characters because it enhances the attack range and speed. Moreover, items such as MKB, Mjolnir, and Maelstrom are doing a great job when mixed with Grove Bow. 

5. Imp Claw

Imp Claw features +24 Attack Damage and guarantees a severe strike or 130 percent every eight seconds. The attack doesn’t pile up with other attack items or skills, which is a great thing. The item can be used on core heroes who depend hugely on right-click to produce damage; all heroes with amazing natural attack speed can gain a lot of bu using this item.

6. Nether Shawl

Nether Shawl​ comes with +8 percent Spell Damage and +20 Magic Resistance, but it can also take Armor by three. Nether Shawl can be used by any hero, more so if the opponent has a lot of magic weapons. 

7. Philosopher’s Stone

Philosopher’s Stone packs +200 Mana and +60 Gold per minute, and it takes away 35 Attack speed from the carrier. This item is ideal for support heroes who do not need a lot of right-click work; it can offer a great Gold and Mana in the middle of the game. Some great carriers can be Zeus and Tinker.

8. Pupil’s Gift

Pupil’s Gift enhances the secondary stats of the character by 13, and it can be used by all heroes. At the 15-25 minute mark, core heroes can use the item to get better stats, and later give it to the support characters.

9. Ring of Aquila

Similar to the most removed items that reappeared in the game, Ring of Aquila has also made a return. The item packs 1.25 Mana Regeneration and +2 Armor to closely-found allies with its aura, and it also features +3 Strength, +9 Agility, +3 Intelligence, and +7 Attack Damage. Any character can use this item to increase their stats and generate an amazing aura that pushes towers. 

10. Vampire Fangs

​Vampire Fangs come with +15 percent Lifesteal, +8 percent Spell Lifesteal, and +250 Night Vision. It is an amazing item that can be used by most core heroes.

11. Vambrace

​Vambrace is a unique addition to the game. Players can mix it with two Bracers, two Wraith Bands, or tow Null Talismans to make a single item. The merged item then packs +14 Intelligence, Agility, or Strength, depending on which items it is paired with. It also grants +8 all other attributes, +12 Magic Resistance, or +12 Attack Speed or +8 percent Spell Amp, also depending on the items that were chosen. This item is mainly of use to core heroes.


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