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Doom and Doom 2 for Android to Receive 60FPS Mode, WAD Support, and More

Bethesda brought the first two Doom games installments to Android (console, and PCs, too) back in 2019, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series. The re-relaunch had a bad start, especially with a needed online login, but that and other issues have been resolved. Currently, the Doom and Doom 2 ports are receiving some features upgrades for all platforms included, Android, as well.

Doom and Doom 2 on Android to receive an update

The top update, however, is the game’s support for custom WAD files. Such things are how the game’s community developed and shared their levels years ago. While many variants of popular Wads will be accessible for download through the, players can get, too, a copy to Doom’s storage directories. On Android, we can find it at: /Android/Data/com.Bethsoft.DOOM/files/WASs.

“…every Add-on we make available [through] will be fully tested by our QA and verified to work on all platforms. That means you can’t upload them yourselves. But we’ve already begun tracking down members of the DOOM community to discuss releasing their Add-ons, and hope to release many more in the future,” reads the full statement posted by the developers.

WADs support and more to come to the two games

Only WADs made for the first Doom and Doom 2 series are compatible, but even settings such as custom sound should run, as Bethesda had introduced real-time MIDI playback. Parts of WADs are now available for downloads such as The Plutonia Experiment (two parts of Final Doom), TNT: Evilution, No Rest for the Living, and SIGIL.

SIGIL was developed last year by famous game architect John Romero. As for the No Rest for the Living, it was developed by Nerve Software for Doom II’s launch, available on the Xbox Live Arcade. Other technical enhancements are a fast save/load, a 60FPS mode, a level pick in-episodes, aspect ratio settings, a quick gun choose on the D-Pad, a weapon carousel, and many more.


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