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DisplayPort Alt Mode Specs Upgraded to Fit USB 4.0 and USB Type-C

The DisplayPort, the one next to the HDMI and other audio-video ports, is quickly enhancing in terms of specs. Soon, the DisplayPort will comprise lots of better capabilities, according to the latest updated specs. VESA (the Video Electronics Standards Association), for instance, has developed the DisplayPort to reach powerful specs as the USB 4.0 features for the USB Type-C ports. Recently, VESA confirmed a newer version 2.0 of the DisplayPort Alt Mode standard.

DisplayPort Alt Mode – New Features

The latest specs enhance the DisplayPort and demand manufacturers to develop the port to offer hassle-free and seamless interoperability with the newest USB 4.0 or USB4 specs. DisplayPort 2.0, which was released back in June 2019, improve the bandwidth performance up to 3x, introduced beyond-8k resolutions, High Dynamic Range, higher refresh rates, improved user experience with AR/VR, and support for multiple displays configurations.

The newest version can deliver up to a 77.37 Gbps maximum payload across four lanes. It supports the Ultra-High Display Performance configurations, including a 16k (15360×8460) 60Hz display with 30 BPP 4:4:4 HDR resolution with compression, and 8k (7680×4320) display with 60Hz refresh rate with full-color 30 BPP 4:4:4 HDR resolution uncompressed. Such a thing was made possible because the specs feature the extremely efficient 128b/132b channel coding that is paired with USB4. Notably, with the launch of DisplayPort Alt Mode v2.0, all of the mentioned high-performance video skills are now available to the USB.

VESA also updated the DisplayPort Alt Mode to interface configuration and discovery and power management. It ensures seamless integration with the USB4 specification. Such a thing was made possible through the joined efforts of VESA and the USB-IF. Displayport is now tunneled through the Thunderbolt interface, turning it into vide standard across mobile displays and PC.

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