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Discord Brings Background Noise Cancelation to Voice Chats

We should all consider ourselves very lucky to be living during a time when video calling apps are something prevalent among regular people and not only. What else can be more satisfying than seeing a person you’re talking to, even though he or she is far away? But the truth is that any background noise can become annoying in those moments if they are too loud. Furthermore, many people are working remotely in this tough period for all humanity, and background noises turned out to be among the main issues. Many companies had come up with solutions for these annoying situations, and now it’s Discord’s turn.

Discord Launched the Background Noise Cancelation Feature

This already rolled out for all the users who are accessing the app from PCs, as the feature is currently in beta version. To start using the background noise suppression feature, all users have to do is enabling a toggle switch present in the settings menu of the app.

However, we already have a pretty good idea for understanding how the new feature works: “This new tech detects and removes background noises happening around you so your voice can be heard clearly. Have a vacuum running in the background; slam a door; ruffle a bag of chips; keep using your really loud keyboard your friends complain about. They won’t be able to hear it.”

Hopefully, the feature also applies to cats meowing and dogs barking. No disrespect of such lovely animals, but most people have loud pets nowadays. While the new feature is available for the moment only for the PC version, the developers are informing us that another one for the mobile version of Discord will arrive someday. Thankfully, there are numerous apps out there that can be used for video and audio calling. We can mention Skype, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Signal, and so on. But not all of them are designed for work and business.


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