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Diablo 4 Update – Updated Multiplayer, Storytelling And Open World Features

A fresh update for Diablo 4 introduced a new look on what’s planned for Blizzard’s demon-hunting madness, which keeps getting better and better with each update.

It’s surprising to see such an advanced update in the time of a worldwide pandemic.

About The Update

Though the new update doesn’t feature any major news, it reveals more information about Diablo’s underlying systems, including the way multiplayer works and some other changes gamers should expect in the way the game tells its story.

Diablo 3 uses “UI panes with a character’s name and portrait” for NPC-related conversations. Still, we’ll see a more advanced approach on Diablo 4, as it will include auto-generated and scripted chatty parts.

Blizzard said that they managed to bring the camera “closer to the characters” while also keeping an authentic feel. Characters will access a library of animations to make the dialogues feel more authentic.

“For more complex conversations, we take a similar camera approach, but here, the character’s movements and animations are more deliberately hand-crafted. This lets us deliver story moments that are complex while keeping you in the world as much as possible,” Blizzard stated.

Blizzard announced that the game would feature “real-time cutscenes” when the situation allows it. During cutscenes, the game moves the camera angle for a movie-like point of view.

That approach will add an extra layer of immersiveness to the experience of the game, as your character will wear the custom armor and hold the weapons you assigned it to.

In regards to multiplayer gameplay, Blizzard revealed that its goal is to feature elements of share worlds without making the game feel too much like an MMO.

Blizzard said that they’d keep dungeons and key story moments private, dedicated to the player and their party.

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