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Devil May Cry 6: Possible Scenarios

Renown thrilling action-adventure Devil May Cry series has already five installments that impress the fans. The latest sequence to the franchise, Devil May Cry 5, is now wide open as its secrets are being spilled out.

The fifth installment depicts Dento, one of the new playable characters and the demonic Vergil, which takes his own child’s demonic hand to acquire more power. He managed almost to get invisible and kill all his enemies with a single blow. However, they have somehow defeated him, but after a while, he again managed to get his pure form.

Due to the fact that the narrative doesn’t have any hints on what the next edition is about, the possibility of it remains in the dark.

Is Devil May Cry 6 a Possibility?

The sixth installment of the game is facing some serious doubt, as the storyline of the previous sequel, Devil May Cry 5,​ doesn’t seem to leave anything for a new edition. However, both brothers are still alive in the game, and there is a small chance the story could develop further. It could also include another antagonist.

Devil May Cry 5​ is a massive hot game when it comes to sales and revenue. Adding a new sequel to the series is not a bad idea considering the fifth installment sold more than 2 million copies in only two weeks.

Possible Scenarios

As gamers know, it is crucial to create a character that holds the series’ fans hooked for a long time. Devil May Cry 5​ has a new character that’s been incorporated into the gameplay: V. The new addition will probably be introduced in a newer version of the game, along with Dante and Virgil appearing from time to time.

According to fans, Nero is the only lead that could conduct the story on-wards, being the most impressive character. A new demon that is more powerful and could shatter the world of the current narrative regarding the demonic family could also be a great addition.


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