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Destiny 2 is Available on Steam, and Soon on Other Stores as Well

This year,​ Bungie’s Destiny 2 for PC was transferred from to Steam. The online multiplayer first-person title was released back on October 1st on Valve‘s digital marketplace, together with a Shadowkeep expansion pack.

The high number of player base it acquired after moving to Steam demonstrated that the transfer was a good move. A few months later, the players count dropped a bit, but the game is still registering more than 100,000 active players per day, according to Steam Charts.

Before the gaming studio announced Bungie’s Destiny 2’s transfer to Steam, many fans expected the game to appear on the Epic Game Store. However, this was not the case. Bungie’s Destiny 2​ is now booming on the new platform, which might not have happened if it would have landed on Epic’s marketplace.

Bungie Communication Director David Dague said when asked about the resolution to choose Steam and not Epic Games Store: “We consider just about everything, but we made the decision to go with Steam for all the obvious reasons.”

“Steam has a large and faithful install base. We have great access to some of the people at Valve because we’re right there in the same industry community in Bellevue, WA. And we just figured it would be a good way to welcome a lot of new players into our community,” Dague added.

The ‘obvious reasons’ are not clear, but it is plain and simple that Bungie saw Steam as the more logical choice.

Available on Multiple Storefronts

During last year, the new Epic Games Store has encountered a lot of contention. While some discredit the platform because it lacks numerous features when compared to Steam, others are not willing to deal with several launchers. However, as time went by, many in the gaming industry became familiar with the service.

Choosing Steam, for the moment, doesn’t mean that Bungie’s Destiny 2 won’t also be available on Epic Games Store. As a matter of fact, the game’s representative Mark Noseworthy announced at E3 2019 that they are not ‘tied to Steam exclusively.’ 

​As a result, it is probable that Destiny 2 will soon be accessible from several marketplaces.

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