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Dark Mode Is Gone From Android 10, But It Will Return In Android 11

Since it was first said that Android would receive a Dark Mode, everyone was thrilled. After plans and hard work, the feature appeared in Android 9 Pie. At that moment, only some apps would be available for the Dark Mode. Android 10 was released, and so was the feature on it. But an issue appeared these days when some users saw that the Dark Mode from the beta testing was gone.

What is happening?

Things seemed to be going good after the Dark Mode appeared to both Android 9 and 10. Everyone expects that the next Android 11 would have the feature as well. But things are uncertain right now. After the information went out about the removal of the Dark Mode, users were frantic, and everybody wants to know why the feature is gone?

However, we found a response to this problem from one person from the Android Developers Relations team. This unknown person is the one that says about the removal of the Dark Mode has something to do with the timing zone. In other words, this means that having a feature like that Dark Mode, location permission needs to apply. There are Android users all over the world, so the time zone differs a lot. The feature must have the exact location of each user to see if it’s day or night. If the users are in the night time, the system will switch to the Dark Mode.

Dark Mode could return in Android 11

Besides this little problem with the timing, another problem is coming out of the initial one. If the location permission is needed, then we are dealing with a conflict with Google’s Security Policy. As we all know, Google is trying to resolve the problem of the app that is requesting permission.

Finally, another thing could happen. If the Dark Mode does not work correctly, some users could receive the feature during the day. If the problems with the time zone and the security policy will not have a solution from Google, then maybe the functionality won’t come with Android 11 after all.


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