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Crysis Remastered Was Officially Announced – The Details And Features Of The Game

Up until now, fans were building theories regarding the upcoming version of Crysis. Whether the forthcoming game would be a remaster of the first version of the series or it would involve a new storyline featuring the main character, Nomad, all the questions have now been answered. The Crytek website has revealed a piece of new information regarding the upcoming release. Fans will receive the Crysis Remastered version of the series.

This leak was published and then deleted after a short amount of time, showing that this may have been an accident. However, it was long enough online for the fans to get a glimpse of the forthcoming features of the game.

The Crysis Remastered version will be available for computer, PlayStation, Xbox, and, surprisingly, the Nintendo Switch. However, it is still uncertain which generation of consoles are going to receive the game. We still do not know if the game will be available for PS4 or Xbox One, or if there is the case that the game will be customed for the next generation consoles.

Possible details and features of Crysis Remastered

No information regarding the storyline has been revealed yet. Fans are still unaware of whether the new game is bringing significant changes to the plot or not. During its first launch, fans encountered difficulties in launching the game at the maximum settings.

Therefore, for Crysis, there is not something in particular that can be remastered, having a monotonous plot. The game is equipped as well with the API-agnostic ray tracing solution. It bears a striking resemblance to the one used for Crytek’s Neon Noir demo.

The most impressive features that could be enhanced and that could take the gaming experience to another level would be if the graphics of the game get many more improvements than usual. Therefore, we are hoping that this is the strategy that Crytek is adopting for developing the upcoming Crysis Remastered.


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