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Critical Google Pixel 4 Update Will Roll Out Soon

Google will release the Android December 2019 security update for the Pixel 4 this week. The patch will address several security vulnerabilities and bugs explicitly related to the device. Android security patches have not been continuously released for the Pixel 4. For example, the November 2019 security patch was delayed for a while, and some Pixel 4 devices continue to run the October update.

According to a reliable source, the upcoming patch will target a critical system vulnerability along with one that was classified as very risky. A series of smaller vulnerabilities will be removed to boost the overall security of the devices. Here are some of the other bugs that will be addressed by the update. Unless specifically mentioned, these issues are limited to the Pixel 4 XL model.

Android December 2019 security update for Google Pixel 4 will fix some bugs

  • A bug that produces a static noise in Spotify
  • A bug that generates audio static in videos record with the help of third-party camera apps.
  • It seems that those who use the default camera app offered by the device do not encounter any problems.
  • In some cases, Dark mode will not work correctly in the bootloader.
  • In some cases, users will lose their Bluetooth pairing information or run into problems when they attempt to pair their device with Garmin accessories.
  • In some cases, display flickers.
  • Haptic vibration feedback will be enhanced in select cases.
  • In some cases, the device orientation will be misaligned.

More to come with the Google Pixel 4 update

Google has also stated that the critical Google Pixel 4 update will feature a large number of additional quality-of-life changes that weren’t mentioned at this point, with many of them increasing the performance, stability, and speed at which the device operates.

A definitive release window is not available at this point. Users have the option to go to Settings -> System -> Advanced -> System Update to verify the availability manually. Some system UI changes hamper the ability to make payments. This also occurs on the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 3 devices. It is advised to back up your data before you install the patch.


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