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Could We Have Ghost Rider 3 in the Future?

Twelve years ago, we were looking for the first time at the movie Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage performing Johnny Blaze. As we know, the movie’s story revolves around the gloaming skull character with which Cage did an excellent job. Some fans love it, to others, the film seemed funny, but the critics didn’t agree. The comic book inspires the movie, but in 2007 these kinds of videos were on a different page. So, what pros and cons we can find for the third sequel of the original Ghost Rider?

Is It Possible to See Ghost Rider 3?

The first movie had a big budget and a good actor, but the storyline wasn’t that good. Nicholas Cage had good reviews regarding his acting skill, but thumbs down for the CGI. Besides this fact, the sequel followed named Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Everyone was waiting for a good story this time thanks to the co-directors Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine, and the addition of Christopher Lambert in the movie. We had a lot more fun and action scenes, but the box office said only $130 million. The first Ghost Rider earned $220 million, so the difference is quite significant to say at least.

Besides the lower budget for the film, the big difference at the box office, and the bad critics, the movie’s success was modest even in the eyes of fans. Also, the main character will not be played in the third movie, because Nicolas Cage himself declared that he would not want to get on that motorcycle again. Moreover, the second movie wasn’t that horror how everyone expected if you follow this theme.

To sum up, the conclusions are definite for a big no regarding a third Ghost Rider. Nicolas Cage will not want to play the character again, and judging by the success of the last one and the other Marvel productions based on comic books, like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Ghost Rider 3 will not be born.


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