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Could Mafia Prepare For A New And A Re-Released Sequel?

Roughly three years have passed since Hangar 13, and 2K Games launched Mafia III. For those fans wondering if the series will release a new sequence, it is not clear yet. However, it seems to be on the developers’ plans.

A recent report by Segment Next said that Take-Two Interactive merely registered three separate trademarks that are correlated to the franchise. It, however, doesn’t only seem that a new sequence in the renown series is on the works, but it also appears the developers might reconsider some previous-released parts as well.

A New Title Or A Re-Release?

Two different trademarks indicate at the term “Mafia” in general, one packing the game’s original font and the other coming in a regular print. Even though neither of them clearly points that Mafia IV is coming, the registration of two individual trademarks suggests that one of them could end up to be a new title.

This would be quite logical, taking into consideration the fact that Mafia III sold more than five million copies since its launch, making it a colossal hit for the gaming studio.

More so, a trademark was also filled for Mafia II and has the classic logo from the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC versions. This could suggest a probable remastered variant of the title for today’s consoles, even though the registration was not detailed.

However, Mafia II was a massive hit after it launched. 2K also released Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, which sold incredibly well; therefore, a re-release could actually turn out.

Lastly, a new logo for Hangar 13 was also trademarked, which means the developer is planning to announce something new. Taking into consideration the fact that the gaming giant has not presented fans with any updates since it coated Mafia III’s downloadable content, it has to work on something, right?

Mafia III is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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