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Could Apple Delay the Release of its iPhone SE 2 Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Apple‘s iPhone SE 2 was scheduled to be launched at the WWDC in March, but it seems like the release might be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, a rumor claims. The mid-range iPhone is highly anticipated, but somehow, we expect such an announcement since most events and launches have been canceled or delayed amid COVID-19 fears.

This means that the iPhone SE 2 – or iPhone 9, as referred by some – along with every new Apple item scheduled to release this year, might not be coming out around the scheduled launch date.

Apple’s iPhone SE 2 Release Date Might be Delayed

Those who want to see the iPhone SE 2 on the market already will probably have to wait a bit longer to be able to purchase the new mid-range mobile phone. The device has been under development for the last four years, but now Apple can halt the retail release due to a few reasons.

The iPhone SE 2 encountered a few delays in production and assembly already, as every Apple factory across China closed down after the novel coronavirus appeared. Although the Cupertino-based tech giant attempted to transfer the production to other countries like Taiwan, the move did not work due to a lack of laborers and equipment.

Numerous rumors have surfaced within the last few weeks claiming that Apple has planned to release the iPhone SE 2 through an online event or a simple website update with the device being available on the online stores. However, the United States has also declared a national emergency, which means that the shipment of the new iPhone SE 2 could encounter difficulties.

When Will the New Products Launch Then?

Apple’s iPhone SE 2 will probably come out at the end of this month, several reports claim, with most of them still saying that the company will not postpone the launch. The retail price will be $399, which clearly shows that the device is a mid-range model.

Despite its range labeling, the iPhone SE 2 will feature the latest A13 Bionic chip, which means that it can easily run the most recent iOS 14, as well as pack significant software updates. The iPhone SE 2 will reintroduce the Touch ID and the Home button and will have a single rear camera.


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