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Company Offers Time Travel Tickets For When Technology Becomes Available

A company that’s very optimistic about the potential for time travel has started to offer tickets for less than $2 for when the right tools become available. This follows recent discoveries in research conducted by the University of Queensland, which found that time travel is feasible without paradoxes.

One of the critical potential problems with time travel are paradoxes that would appear, such as the ‘Grandfather Paradox.’​ In this thought experiment, researchers asked what would happen to you if you were to return in time and kill your grandfather. Would you still be born? If not, you would not have the chance to go back in time in the first place.

Still, the University of Queensland researchers found that the timeline would change itself in such a way that everything basically returns to what you consider normal in the present day. After the breakthrough study was revealed, a travel and tech company, Klook, is optimistic about the potential to time travel and is selling £1 ($1.29) tickets to 100 people for when, or if, time travel technology becomes available.

Preparing for Time Travel

Simon Llanos, Klook’s marketing director for EU and U.S., explained: “Time travel could be revealed as possible at any moment. As a brand that prides itself as being industry leaders in travel and tech, we want to ensure we are ready to work with it as soon as that happens. And as a leading ‘things to do’ company, we recognize the thing most people want to do right now is escape 2020, so, we’ve provided an experience that can do just that.”

Klook performed some research to find out where in time Brits would travel if they had the chance. No wonder, 46 percent of Britons say they would happily skip this year, with one in 20 willing to give up a year’s pay and four percent ready not to see their family for a whole year.

The Klook team added: “The research also revealed what Brits would change about their life if they could go back in time. The nation’s biggest regret is not travelling more (23 percent) whilst they could and one in seven (14 percent) said they would have learnt another language. When it comes to everyday life, a fifth of Brits would like to change their career path, while a tenth would choose other friends and worryingly, one in twelve (8 percent) confessed they wouldn’t have got married.”


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