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Coin Master 3.5.51 Update Comes With Improvements

Coin Master is now even more popular than before, thanks to the commercials in which Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians appeared. The title is a single-player mobile game created by Moon Active, which launched it back in 2016. It has gained quite a reputation since it was released, and millions of people name it as one of the most interactive mobile games on the market at the moment.

The game boasts more than 82 million downloads, being the top-grossing mobile game in the U.K. and Germany. It involves attacking, spinning, and raiding fellow competitors in order to build a village that gets to be at the top. Coin Master also involves time travel and magical lands that lead players to combats as a pirate, hippie, king, warrior, or Viking in its different worlds. The game is getting regular updates, which keep it up-to-date and fresh.

Coin Master’s Gameplay

In order to master a game, you must know its gameplay thoroughly, am I right? Here are the most important things you need to know about Coin Master’s gameplay.

Spin to Earn your Loot

You have the option to spin the wheel, which dictates what you get: either attack, loot, shield, or raid. You can win your loot by getting on coins or gold sacks, which help you develop strong villages and level up. The shields will help you guard your village against other Vikings trying to attack.

Attack and Raid

Getting your coins via the slot machine is one of the ways to collect loot: stealing it is also an option in Coin Master​. Attack or raid other players to gather sufficient loot in order to build your village, and get all the treasures you can from someone else’s village.

Collect the Cards

The treasure is also important; collect cards to finish sets and move to the next village. Your wins are bigger with every village you attack and conquer.

Coin Master 3.5.51 Update

As we mentioned above, Coin Master​ receives numerous and regular updates in order to keep the content and the gameplay fresh and appealing for players. The latest release, Coin Master 3.5.51 update, comes with some usual updates that enhance the players’ overall experience.​


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