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Clash Royale September Update Unavailable For Android Users – SuperCell Is Now Fixing It

Clash Royale’s September update has finally rolled out after extended server maintenance. However, as soon as it was released, Android users have reported some issues with the update.

Android-devices owners reported being stuck waiting for the released patch, with few claiming their screen keeps telling there is an update and to check back in a short while.

Fortunately, the developers of Clash Royale update are aware of the issues and are trying to solve them as soon as possible.

“We’re currently having a few issues: Clans not showing for some players, Party mode not giving chests, Trophy visual bug (don’t worry, trophies are NOT won or lost!), Google Play Store not updating. We’re working to get these fixed for you as soon as possible,” a message from the developers reads.

The gaming giant behind Clash Royale has not provided any estimated time of arrival of the fix, nor gave any details on how long this process will take. Therefore, we don’t know when the Clash Royale fixed update will be available for everyone.

The patch in itself is a major one and comprises some changes at the user interface, and also some matchmaking adjustments. As announced before the September Clash Royale update rolled out, SuperCell has modified the 2v2 button with a ‘Party Button.’

This change doesn’t mean that 2v2 has been eliminated from the game, but that Clash Royale developers are attempting to make it easier to play with friends in more than one game modes.

The change has been announced by the team and confirmed in a new patch notes. The function of the new Party button is simple, the developers explained. By hitting the button, you can play a wide range of game modes solo or with friends.

Besides the regular 2v2 mode, there will frequently be rotating game modes in the Party button for fans to play. Those game modes change every 48 hours.


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