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Clash Royale September Update Available to Download with a Wealth of Content

The latest Clash Royale update is now available, and it is accompanied by a wealth of content.

One of the major changes comes in the form of a new Party button which replaces the old 2v2 button. By tapping the Party button players will be able to access several game modes, which can be played alone or with friends, among which we can count the classic 2v2 mode.

The list of Party game modes will be changed every 48 hours, and they offer a solid way to earn Chests, Victory Gold and Crowns without the risk of losing Trophies.

A new mode is available in the form of Triple Draft. It offers an interesting take on the classic Draft mode as you have, the option to pick all of the eight cards. You can choose each card out of a pool of three, and you can see the pool of your opponent. This allows players to anticipate the strategy of the rival player and take pre-emptive actions.

The matchmaking rules for 2v2 have been altered, and players will be matched based on king and card levels.

Another interesting addition is represented by tiebreakers, which will solve any draws with the exception of those which take place in the 1v1 Ladder. The player with the lowest single Tower hit points will lose the match automatically.

Within the update a selection of quality of life improvements is also included. If a Clan Leader has been online for 35 consecutive days the position will be granted to the oldest Co-Leader. In the case that there is no Co-Leader the oldest Elder will become the Leader. The emote deck has, as Personalize and a selection of player support tools had now available.

Several bugs have been fixed and Supercell has announced that Season 4 will start on October 7, along with the annual Halloween event known as Shocktober.


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