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Clash Royale Season 5 Update Brings the Great Goblin Fest

After a period of maintenance, the newest season has arrived in Clash Royale, bringing a wealth of new content and fresh challenges for the players.

As the name may infer, Season 5 focuses on Goblins as they celebrate a feast during this season. The new season comes with a new Pass Royale, which offers an exclusive Party Hut Tower Skin and Dart Goblin emote.

Players will also have the chance to gain an impressive amount of loot, among which we can count 40,000 gold, 6 Pass Royale Lightning Chests, 3 Rare Pass Royale Chests, 4 Epic Pass Royale Lightning Chests and one Legendary Chest besides other rewards.

The Pass Royale will also grant the following perks:

Unlimited re-entries and continues for special challenges, a perk which is excellent for players who are keen on completing all the objectives.

Players will have the option to queue chests for automatic unlocking.

All Pass Royale and Crown Chests will be accompanied by Strikes, which offers the chance to earn different cards if you don’t like what you got.

To gain access to the rewards, players will have to collect Crowns to unlock Reward Tiers. Those who opt to purchase the Pass Royale will have to collect 10 Crowns for each Reward Tier, which awards them with one Pass Royale reward a Crown Chest. They also don’t have to worry about timers and can focus on collecting Crowns.

Free players will have to collect the same amount of Crowns, but one tier will be unlocked every 24 hours, while two tiers will be unlocked within the same period during weekends.

A new game mode is present in the form of Mega Touchdown, encouraging players to build decks with 18 cards and offering double elixir rewards.

Tiebreakers are now present across all game modes, including 1v1 Ladder matches.

Season 5 is available now. The complete patch notes can be found on the official website.

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