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Clash of Clans: The Best Troops to Choose for a Successful Strategy

When we’re talking about a highly-addictive and fun game for Android and iOS devices, Clash of Clans can improve your gaming skills. The title is played by millions of people worldwide, as they’re competing against each other to find out who’s better. The huge fanbase of around 100 million players is surprising for a game released only eight years ago.

In Clash of Clans, the player is free to build his village, raise a clan and battle within the Clan Wars with wizards, barbarians, and unique troops. But knowing those troops can help you a lot in the game, so let’s see which ones are the best:


If you’re among the numerous fans of the Pokemon franchise, you must know that the Golem character from the series is pretty similar to the one from this game. The Golem from Clash of Clans is also bulky, massive, imposing, and strong as hell. This troop is the best tank troop from the game, and you don’t need to be a second Einstein to figure out why. He’s a ground troop, and he’s not susceptible to powerful air defenses.

Golem can also offer protection for other ground troops, so having one is a huge benefit, not to mention if you get to update it.


Although she may look harmless and cute, Valkyrie can turn herself to be as powerful in the attack as she is in defense. In fact, Valkyrie is so powerful that she can take out multiple buildings at once. She also has a good health condition.


This fellow is a true iron beast, as he’s capable of taking down buildings in only several strikes. You should definitely take him on your team if you plan to win battles easily.

These are our top picks when it comes to the best troops from Clash of Clans. Would you propose some other characters? If you are still not convinced that Clash of Clans is definitely worth playing, you should give the game a try as it’s a load of fun and totally FREE!

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