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Clash Of Clans: Siege Barracks Are Unveiled In TH13 December Update [Video]

Not too long ago, we reported that Supercell revealed that the December 2019 update would be introducing the much-awaited Town Hall 13, which brings more building levels and possible new buildings.

Unless you have been playing Clash of Clans since the very launch or if you don’t spend money regularly, getting to Town Hall 13 will be taking quite a long time.

Anyway, the Clash of Clans TH13 Sneak Peeks began, and now, the latest one reveals a new Siege Machine called the Siege Barracks.

This piece of news was revealed via a short teaser video that you can also check out below. Newsweek reveals that this has been augmented by more details from a few Clash of Clans YouTubers such as Galadon Gaming.

You may recall that the initial Town Hall 13 has been released in November, and one of the crucial images was a suspicious object that was floating in the sky.

A giant lunar lander 

The object is revealed as being the Siege Barracks. It functions like a giant lunar lander, and it drops masses of troops in precise locations. Once this touches the ground, a P.E.K.K.A and swarm of Wizards will fill the area.

The online publication mentioned above details the Siege Barracks’ official description, which reads as follows:

“The Siege Barracks parachutes down gracefully to first release a menagerie of P.E.K.K.As and Wizards and then the Clan Castle Troops. How they all managed to squeeze inside is a mystery not really worth investigating.”

Siege barracks are ideal for spam attack strategies 

Regarding the use in battle, the Siege Barracks is perfect for spam attack strategies. In order to use it, you just have to drop the Siege Barracks outside a settlement and watch as the number on the structure decreases.

We recommend that you head over to Newsweek’s original article in order to find out more details.


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