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Clash of Clans October 2019 Update Released: Royal Ghosts and More Challenges

The last update for Clash of Clans comes with quite a few features. It includes Clan Recruitment tools, a Royal Ghost temporary troop, and a Season of Challenges. A Supercell blog post, however, comes with more details based on their patch notes.

Clan Recruitment Tools

We encounter labels that indicate to recruiters which type of Clash of Clans experience you appreciated most. Also, the clan leaders have now the skill to add tags to their clan pages, so that players will know best which modes the clan experiences. Moreover, a ‘Find New Members’ feature was introduced and a way for players to get clan requests, even if they are already part of a team.

Royal Ghost Temporary Troop

The upgrade comes with some high scores for:

  • HP – Town Hall 12 – of 270;
  • DPS – Town Hall 12 – 680;
  • A Training Cost of 3800 Elixir and a Training Time of 27s;
  • Any Preferred Target;
  • A Single Target for Damage Type feature;
  • Grounds as targets;
  • New and improved obstacles and store deals;
  • Melee unit begins invisible, and it can’t be targeted for 12s;
  • The Housing Space gets 8 movement speed of 16.

Season Challenges

New Challenges Types have been introduced, such as win X War attacks, Win X attacks using Y troops, and win X using Y spells of a particular kind. Also, a streamlined UI appeared.

The October upgrade also includes a six Quick Train slots, some Misc changes for ‘My Profile,’ and ‘My Clan.’ Moreover, in the Legend League area, the payout cooldown estimation will now take into account how much matching period. The Loot Cart comes now with a permanent spot close to the Trader’s Tent, and the Moving Traps or Teslas won’t affect the layout cooldown when customizing it.


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