Clash Of Clans Huge Update Is Here: New Hero, Units And More

It’s been revealed that Supercell revealed that the December 2019 update would be introducing the much-awaited Town Hall 13, which brings more building levels and possible new buildings.

Unless you have been playing Clash of Clans since the very launch or if you don’t spend money regularly, getting to Town Hall 13 will be taking quite a long time.

Anyway, now there’s a massive update that has been released for Clash of Clans which brings a lot of new features to this popular game.

What’s new in the latest Clash of Clans update?

Pocket Gamer revealed that the update brings a new Town Hall, Troop, Hero, Siege Machine, and Defense.

The Town Hall 13 it’s a Dark Elixir Ice themed, and players will get the chance to upgrade it. This building brings a wide variety of new content, which obviously includes its signature defense.

This is called the Giga Inferno, which will protect gamers’ base with powerful attacks. If it does not get destroyed, it will cause damage by exploding.

You should check out the video below in order to find out more details on what you can expect in this much-awaited update.

It’s been revealed that there will be a few units that are joining the game as well.

The online publication mentioned above writes, “The first is the Siege Barracks which will spawn a miniature army once it’s been placed on the field that will immediately, well, siege your opponent’s perimeter.”

They continue and mention “The Scattershot, meanwhile, is a defensive unit that may help combat this threat. It’s a catapult that has an exploding projectile that spreads out like a shotgun blast, providing solid AoE.”

There will also be a new Troop, the Yeti – he has quite a punch, and he also carried several Yetimities in a bag on his back who can leap over walls and infiltrate the base. How cool it that?

Another essential thing worth mentioning is a Hero called the Royal Champion, who is the very first hero since 2015.

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