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Clash Of Clans: Get Ready For Town Hall 13 – Winter Jam Reduced Upgrade Cost

Clash of Clans fans will be thrilled to learn his latest piece of news. The Winter Jam kicked off in Clash of Clans, and it offers reduced upgrade costs for all Home Village buildings, traps, and walls, and it’s leading up to Town Hall 13.

App Trigger online publication notes that earlier today, Clash of Clash had a short maintenance break, and this ultimately ended up being the very arrival of the Winter Jam.

The limited-time in-game event runs for 13 days, and it reduces the upgrade costs for all the Home Village Building, Traps, and Walls by 50%.

Offering players a boost 

The main goal for which this is happening is to offer players a boost before the arrival of the massive Winter update that’s set to come next month.

Supercell revealed that the December 2019 update would be introducing the much0awaited Town Hall 13, which will more than likely come with more building levels and possible new buildings.

Unless you have been playing Clash of Clans since the very launch or if you don’t spend money regularly, getting to Town Hall 13 will be taking quite a long time.

The online publication mentioned above makes sure to reveal that the Winter Jam can give you a little boost. This will probably not get you everything that you need in preparing for TH13 when it’s set to arrive, but this is a significant boost to help you make faster progress.

The event runs for 13 days, and it leads some players to speculate that its ending could be at the very same time with the arrival of the update that’s set for December.

GDC 2020 

In other Clash of Clans-related news, it’s been revealed that the Game Developers Conference: GDC that will be taking place the next year is the world’s largest professional game industry event.

It will begin on March 16, 2020, and it will end on March 20.

Gamasutra just noted that the Finnish game dev Supercell created one of the most enduring and profitable free mobile games in the world – this is Clash of Clans.


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