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Clash of Clans Best Town Hall 12 Tips to Succeed

After countless hours spent on upgrading the base and fighting other rivals, you have managed to reach Town Hall 12. Congratulations!

Contrary to what some may say, most of the fun starts when the Town Hall is upgraded to level 12. Follow the tips present below to optimize your kingdom and have a great head start during the end game.

What you need to know before Town Hall 12

At this point, there are lots of dead bases in the game as many players decided to abandon the game for one reason or another.

The Gold Pass can play an important role during the early stages of Town Hall 12 as it allows players to side-step many requirements. A full Season Bank can accelerate the pace at which the base advances. A Rune of Elixir is also important.


  1. Archer Queen should be upgraded to 65 as soon as possible due to her utility for farming.
  2. The Lab is an important building, and it should be upgraded soon since it allows you to boost troops to level 12.
  3. DE storage is also needed since you cannot upgrade heroes beyond level 51 if the building is not available. The extra loot from the Season Bank and the 20% discount will work wonders during this step.
  4. Those who have Season Bank loot or the 20% discount should maximize the Clan Castle or improve the walls and bring the Giga Tesla to level 2.

Other upgrades

It is also important to upgrade storage space since a large number of resources will be needed for future improvements. Start to work on a Siege Workshop and upgrade it as fast as possible. Donate siege engines if you can since they will improve the performance of other members in your clan.

Pay attention to patches and read the notes to learn which units are best in the new meta.


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