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Clash of Clans 13.180.6 Update Brings Four Super Troops, Changes to Builder’s Base and More

After a couple of weeks of sneak peeks, the Spring 2020 update for Clash of Clans has finally arrived. Supercell was busy all this time as it shared the new details into the features, new levels, and quality of life enhancements, but we now have the update and the official patch notes.

Clash of Clans 13.180.6 Update Brings Four Super Troops

The most talked-about brand new addition to Clash of Clans was Super Troops, which are temporarily updated versions of the normal Troop in the Home Village that now comes with special and unique abilities. There are four Super Troops included in the latest roll-out, Clash of Clans 13.180.6 update, each packing a different ability from their regular counterpart. The four Super Troops are:

• Super Barbarian
• Sneaky Goblin
• Super Wall Breaker
• Super Giant

You can upgrade to a Super Troop from the new barrel-shaped structure that’s located next to the Trader in the main Village. These Troops can be powered-up with Dark Elixir, and they last for a whole week. Players can only have one Super Troop active at the same time, but they can use others in combat if they are donated to them by Clan members, though.

Besides the new Super Troops, the Clash of Clans update comes with new levels to upgrade the Village’s Defenses, Troops, Buildings, as well as Spells.

Other Additions

The Clash of Clans 13.180.6 update also comes with changes to Builder Base’s Clock Tower: its multiplier speed of 8x has been enhanced to 10x, the boost duration of 3 to 11 minutes has been increased to 14 to 30 minutes, but so was the cooldown, from 7 to 22 hours. Probably the biggest change to Builder Base is, though, the incorporation of a new tiebreaker.

In addition to these significant new changes and features, the update also brought some game balancing tweaks, gameplay bug fixes, user interface and art adjustments, and a few other things. You can check the official Spring 2020 patch notes for the Clash of Clans here.


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