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Chrome to Block Some of the Content After This New Update; Google Made New Warnings

Just some days after Google talked about its plans to add the DNS over HTTPS to Chrome, news appeared of another change that hundreds of millions of users to encounter on this browser. For Google, this change is essential – it completes the task of making sure that all websites have traffic that’s encrypted. For the developers of the website, this means a cut-off date. For users, this means that some of the content will be blocked, even on the most popular sites out there.

This comes with a warning, as well. Chrome will reject websites that started to praise about sorting out their encryption settings. There’s a problem with those websites that only encrypt parts of their pages. And by doing that, they introduce security vulnerabilities, even if they have an excellent approach to security.

We are talking about the “mixed content,” which takes place when the website loads on a secure connection – HTTPS – but when some of the content from the pages load on an insecure connection – HTTP. This often confuses users, that it’s not good for confused users to take this kind of chance.

Be it from laziness or satisfaction; Google says that the website developers that need to make everything right are now forced to. By blocking the “mixed content”, the company can improve user privacy and security on the web, and give users a clear browser security interface.

Google has done even more than anyone else when it comes to pushing the web for default encryption. The company stated that Chrome users spend over 90% of their time on HTTPS, on all the major platforms. They need to make sure that all the HTTPS configurations from the web are both up-to-date and secured.


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