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Chrome Beta 79.0.3945.18 Update is Now Available to Download with Major Software Changes

One of the reasons why Chrome is the world’s most popular mobile browser is because the Android parent is constantly updating its performances and user security. The best and easiest way to make sure that you are always among the first people to receive access to all of Chrome’s latest updates is to enroll in the official beta program. Even though there is a chance that you might have to deal with bugs or software issues, it’s all worth it. In fact, a new update has just arrived for Chrome Beta.

Chrome Beta 79.0.3945.18 Update

As previously noted, a new update is now rolling out for Chrome Beta. The update is changing the mobile browser’s version number to 79.0.3945.18 and we are advising all Chrome Beta fans to download it right now. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out what are all the software changes that the new update is making.

The Patch Notes

  • Adaptive Icon Display for Installed PWAs on Android

Android Oreo introduced adaptive icons, which enforced the same shape for all icons on the home screen and in the launcher. Before android O icons could be any shape and there was no background behind each icon. For example, gmail was rectangular, and Play was a triangle. Consequently, such icons were placed in a white circle. With adaptive icon display, Android will automatically mask irregularly shaped icons to fit properly.

  • Compute img/video Aspect Ratio from Width Or Height HTML Attributes

The aspect ratio of an image is now computed so that it can be used for sizing an image using CSS before it loads. This avoids unnecessary layouts when the image loads.

  • Reject Worklet.addModule() with a More Specific Error

When Worklet.addModule() fails, a promise rejects with a more specific error object than it did previously. Worklet.addModule() can fail for various reasons, including, for example, network errors and syntax errors. Before this change, Worklet.addModule() rejected with AbortError regardless of the actual cause. That made it difficult for developers to debug worklets. After this change, Worklet.addModule() rejects with a clearer error such as SyntaxError.


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