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Chrome 79 Rollout Is Paused On Android – Bug Erases App Data

A few days ago, we were reporting that Google prepared some excellent news for Chrome users just in time for the winter holidays.

The tech giant took some measures during the past years in order to boost the security for its users by baking them into Chrome.

The past week marked the rollout of Google Chome 79, and the company announced it’s launching with brand new features that are reportedly focused on more secure browsing.

Google Chrome 79 came with an issue 

But, it seems that things did not go as expected, and this update was packed with trouble.

Android Police revealed that a bug cropped up, and it deletes data in some apps that are using Android’s built-in WebView. This annoyed both developers and users alike, as you might imagine.

The online publication mentions that on the most recent versions of Android, Chrome acts as a system’s WebView, which is the component that renders web pages inside of apps.

When you’re logging in with a web page inside an app or when you use browsers such as DuckDuckGo, that lack their internal rendering engine, Chrome is the one that will load that content.

It’s also revealed that some apps are running completely inside WebView, such as the apps that are built with Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) or packaged web apps, such as Twitter Lite, says Android Police.

They noted that one of the changed received by Chrome involved the fact that the location where web data is stored has been updated.

The issue has been discussed on a Chromium bug page, and a comment said that data from localStorage and WebSQL — two types of storage commonly used by web apps and packaged apps — has been not migrated correctly.

You should check the comments on the bug page for yourselves in order to learn more details on this issue.

Google pauses Chrome 79 rollout

The tech giant confirmed that they paused the rollout, and they are considering a fix.

Read more in Google’s notes.


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