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CCleaner: A Great Optimization Software for PC

​CCleaner is one of the most popular optimization software that helps improve the speed of a PC. Devices that are having a slow desktop benefit greatly from it, as it enhances the overall performance of it in order to make it work faster.

CCleaner – The Best Optimization App

​CCleaner​ removes all the unnecessary data in the computer, as well as fixes errors found and maximizes the speed of the device. Besides PC optimization, it also protects users’ privacy. The software is one of the oldest optimization services which takes good care of your device, protecting it from virus or malware. ​CCleaner​ is free to download and use.

How Does It Work?

As soon as the software is installed on a PC, it opens a separate window with several options for optimization. Besides all the basic features, ​CCleaner​ also removes the unused data and secures all the confidential information on a PC.

CCleaner – Key Features

​Here are some of the most important features of the optimization software.

• It packs a registry cleaner that deletes all the unneeded folders, file extensions, ActiveX controls, ClassISs, invalid shortcuts, and more.

•​ Removes all the temporary files, cookies, and download history from the web browser in order to speed up the performance of your device.

•​ The Windows Cleaner wipes clean the Recycle Bin, recent documents, log files, DNS cache, error reporting, and so on.

•​ Packs a third-party program cleaner, which deletes the non-system apps such as Windows Media Player, eMule, Google Toolbar, Microsoft Office, and more.

You have the option to enable or disable all ​these features available in CCleaner. Also, make sure you use the correct functionality to remove the unnecessary data, and don’t delete the important files on your device by accident.

CCleaner can be used whenever you want, for instance, run it while starting your PC, or any other time you need it.


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