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Caster MonteCristo Ends Contract With Overwatch League, Revealing Why He’s Not Coming Back in Season 3

Season 3 in Overwatch League will begin with two new original casters since both Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles and Nate Nanzer won’t be around at the e-sport tournament. But that’s not everything to this story!

Overwatch League (OWL) just finished its second season with San Francisco Shock as the winner.

Blizzard Entertainment’s shooter has had quite a success in these past years, but what will happen when Overwatch 2 gets released this year? Although we will not make assumptions about the future of the second Overwatch installment, the second original caster of the e-sport tournament has also confirmed he is leaving the competition.

“Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles wrote a lengthy Twitter thread in which he announced his departure from OWL. The great duo Erik “DoA” Lonnquist and MonteCristo made was part of the show when OWL was launched in 2016.

Earlier this year, Nate Nanzer, the event boss also announced he was leaving Blizzard Entertainment. Later, he found that new opportunity he has been looking for with Epic Games’ Fortnite franchise.

Overwatch League Might Also Lose Lonnquist

As we mentioned in the beginning, MonteCristo announcement was only the beginning of this story. It seems that Lonnquist might also abandon ship, since he also pointed out his contract is reaching an end as well:

Both Lonnquist and MonteCristo are eligible to renew their contracts, but we do not see the duo returning in season 3.

Why did MonteCristo decide to not renew his contract with Blizzard Entertainment? One of his reasons was that the company was “irreconcilable creative and philosophical differences.”

With MonteCristo’s announcement, we also learn that we will not create analysis or power rankings related to Overwatch since the low demand for OWL content isn’t worth it:

“Although I enjoy making these videos, the low demand for supplementary OWL content means that my energies are best used elsewhere.”

Blizzard Entertainment will need to find some great casters to replace MonteCristo and (probably) DoA. The Overwatch League season 3 is quite close, beginning on February 8 and ending before Overwatch 2 gets released.

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