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Candy Crush Saga Update is Now Available

Candy Crush Saga​, the incredibly popular match-three puzzle game, is one of the favorite relief activities of millennials, especially during long commutes or after a long day. Users are interested in the game’s format, where they complete level by level by merging matching candies on a game board.

The level is crossed once when all the puzzles have been matched, and each level is created with various types of candies, and belong to different ‘worlds’ in the gaming application. All of them combined make the free game highly immersive and appealing. The title also offers players the possibility to advance faster by making different in-app purchases.

This explains why the title, released in 2012 by Swedish company King, is highly addictive and attracts millions of players every month, with the gamers base increasing exponentially every year. After its insane popularity all over the world, the gaming studio has released at least 20 versions of the title, most of them being based on the same classical strategy as Candy Crush Saga​.

As per Sensor Tower, a website that measures the ‘score’ of an application founded on visibility and global presence, Candy Crush Saga​ was downloaded more than nine million times all over the world in October of 2019 only. In the same month, it cashed a revenue of $36 million, mainly via in-app purchases.

Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Rohann Bokdawala said that the game keeps its massive user base because it offers instant gratification to the brain.

“This happens because the brain produces dopamine, a chemical responsible for pleasure,” he explained. “The initial levels of the game are easy enough to hook the player. Clearing one level increases the dopamine level, which is similar to getting a reward. And the brain is a sucker for rewards.”

The game is always fresh and up to date, thanks to the team of developers that releases regular updates.

Candy Crush Saga Update

The latest release for the game, Candy Crush Saga update, is one of the regular builds that roll out every week. It comes with brand new levels, as well as bug fixes and improvements in performance.​

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