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Candy Crush Friends Saga 1.35.2 Launched With New Levels, Improvements, And More

Since its release more than eight years ago, Candy Crush Saga has remained a hit among owners of smartphones and tablets, offering countless hours of entertainment without the need to pay a dime. Millions of players fell in love with the classic match-three event that is easy to learn and hard to master. Candy Crush Friends Saga is a popular installment in the franchise.

The success of Candy Crush Saga has led to the appearance of a massive franchise, with several spinoff titles being available on the Google Play Store. Candy Crush Friends Saga is the most recent entry in the series and one of the most popular games in the franchise.

It retains many of the aspects that made the original Candy Crush Saga and its spinoff companions popular while also bringing significant improvements that enhance the user experience along with an excellent story.

The Candy Crush Friends Saga Update

Accept the challenge and journey across the Candy Kingdom in an attempt to track down your friends. Each friend comes with a signature skill that can be harnessed to perform unique combos and spectacularly beat that problematic level.

Test your skills as hundreds of levels will offer a tasty challenge that can keep you busy for a long while, and new standards are being released regularly. Your loyal friends are always willing to lend a helping hand, and they can make a difference when you attempt to solve a level. Entertain yourself by watching them dance when you complete a level successfully.

They say that you can’t have too much a good thing, but sometimes you may want to try some of the other game modes and relax. Enjoy a selection of funny modes and save mammoths and octopuses from a dire fate in the process.

Friends can be customized with the help of fancy outfits, and you can always look at them via the sticker book. Download the Candy Crush Friends Saga 1.35.2 to enjoy new improvements.

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